Whether you're a beginner, serious player or competitor, Lake Geneva has golf for every level of play. The area is home to 11 courses, ranging from championship to par-3 level experiences, offering great golf and fun for coworkers, friends and families. With three seasons of golf to enjoy and these tips from area golf pros, you’re guaranteed to improve your game.


Geneva National golf course in the autumn overlooking Lake Como

“Don’t let what you don’t know be a deterrent. I start beginners our with a facility tour, where the tees are for each course and some basic golf etiquette. Take lessons with others for added fun; group family lessons make a great bonding experience." Heidi Haas-Brotchie, Teaching Pro, Geneva National

Grand Geneva Golf Course

“Always have an intended target and develop a pre-shot routine; the more you practice getting ready for a golf shot on the range the easier it is to take it on the course. Remember that a par or bogie on hole nine of the Brute course is a good score. It’s the hardest hole of the 36 on our property.” Kyle Kunash, PGA Head Golf Pro, Grand Geneva Resort & Spa


Golf_Evergreen CC

“Don’t over-swing. Everyone’s tendency is to swing harder and faster when playing a scramble. Remember, good tempo and a great weight transfer are required for a successful golf shot. Take a deep breath and release any tension you may have. Tension in the arms and shoulders is a swing killer because you will not be able to properly release the club.” Joe Shirk, Golf Pro, Evergreen Country Club


Golf_Lake Lawn Majestic Oaks

“Instead of swinging harder with your hands and arms at the ball, try to increase your hip turn through impact to get more distance out of your driver. By matching the rest of the swings sequence with your increased hip speed and applying a full balanced finish, you will out drive your golfing buddies.” Dan Plens, Head Golf Pro, Majestic Oaks at Lake Lawn Resort