Outdoor Laser Tag

July 13, 2018 Friday
TIME: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm LOCATION:  CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Lake Geneva ITINERARY: Add to Itinerary


CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Lake Geneva offers a new evolution of laser tag featuring high tech realistic simulated weapons and objective based gameplay. We don’t have plastic phasers or silly glow in the dark arenas. You’ll play with metal rifles on one of the largest dedicated outdoor laser tag battlefields in the world. We have over 4 acres of playable space on a field big enough to fit over 100 players at a time. We call it The Wasteland, and it lives up to its name. Duck behind natural cover and sneak through the trees avoiding sniper fire. Take over the bridge or lead a squad through downtown. Our game is much closer to a modern day video game like “Call of Duty” than the traditional laser tag that might come to mind. We say it’s “tactical,” but even that doesn’t do the excitement and adrenaline justice. You’ll have to come in and try it out to really experience the thrill.

In the years since its creation, CMP Lake Geneva has become a summer-defining destination for everyone throughout the entire midwest. No matter the trip you need to make, you simply have to play and experience this.

Great for all ages 8 and up.

Public Open Play sessions are split into hour and a half experiences, which includes gear up, briefing, and about 5-8 missions.

Call us at 262.257.9300 or book your session online now.


CMP Tactical Lazer Tag