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2019 Snow Sculpting Teams

Meet the talented Snow Sculpting Teams that will be competing in this year's United States National Snow Sculpting Championship, as well as their proposed sculpture sketches. The U.S. Snow Sculpting Championship will be from January 30 - February 2.

Meet the Teams

Team Name: Loonatics
Home State: New Hampshire
Sculpture Title: "Don't Shake the Table"

Artist Statement: We've all played this game, steady of hand, precise in placement and the occasional little bump of the table can assure a win. 

Team Name: SniceCarvings
Home State: Colorado 1
Sculpture Title: "The Ride"

Artist Statement: The Ride on a motorcycle! You can look at the most amazing picture of the most incredible landscape, but on a motorcycle you remove the frame and become part of the picture.

Team Name: The Driftless Snow Sculptors
Home State: Iowa
Sculpture Title: "Stay For the Winter," She Said

Artist Statement: "Let's not fly south for the winter", She said. "The ganders don't fly south for the winter," she said. "We can ski, snowshoe and drink cocoa," she said. "The snow is so pretty," she said. "We never had snow for Christmas," she said.

Team Name: AK Awesome
Home State: Alaska
Sculpture Title: "Your Guardian Angel"

Artist Statement: This sculpture is representative of a protective spirit, watching over you and your life, ready to do battle in your defense.

Team Name: Dino Fight
Home State: Minnesota
Sculpture Title: "Arise From The Storm"

Artist Statement: “Arise from the Storm” is a creation story.   The heron rises from the frothy waters, intertwined in traditional Japanese architecture symbolizing the power of seas and storms. The scene is both about the beauty and tranquility of line work, but also symbolizes stormy times giving forth the rise of the heron.  Not only do we survive life’s trials, but they make us stronger and can redefine us.”

Team Name: Team Vermont
Home State: Vermont
Sculpture Title: "TriTangle"

Artist Statement: “A triangle, as a shape on its own is great. But like people, if we work together, we can both lean at our own unique angles, and support each other to make a more complex shape that works toward a greater harmony.”

Team Name: Team Merc
Home State: Colorado 2
Sculpture Title: "Just Words"

Artist Statement: “3 vowels and 5 consonance - What words can you make?”

Team Name: Windy City Snowmen
Home State: Illinois 2
Sculpture Title: "Cleophus"

Artist Statement: “Everybody knows somebody like Cleophus. That’s cause he knows everybody. Always in mild trouble, always involved in one scam or another, but never serious enough to have to pay for the trouble he causes. Goes to all the right parties, all the right hangouts, and he likes you. You know you shouldn’t like him but you do, cause the devil can be quite charming.”

Team Name: Lake Placid
Home State: New York
Sculpture Title: "Two Hearts Beat as One"

Artist Statement: “This sculpture is of two hearts intertwined that make a third heart and is an optical illusion. It represents The symbiosis of a relationship and the eternal Bond of TRUE LOVE.”

Team Name: Bedford Falls Snow Sculpting
Home State: Michigan
Sculpture Title: "She Never Forgets"

Artist Statement: “We aim to celebrate this endangered species by displaying its beauty and elegance, despite its size. By enhancing its features with techniques similar to a sugar skull, we hope to show the delicateness of its ears, the texture of its skin, and to obtain a glass-like slip on its tusks. By placing one skull on top of another, we will show different angles of the elephant, visible in the round (shown here with space to give a better idea of the detail that will be included).”

Team Name: N/A
Home State: Wisconsin 3
Sculpture Title: "Triunity"

Artist Statement: N/A

Team Name: Cave People from Space
Home State: Illinois 1
Sculpture Title: "Spaghetti Yeti"

Artist Statement: “Our team is often inspired by puns. Spaghetti is a delicious dish enjoyed by millions and the yeti is a mythical creature. This union of spaghetti and yeti is served before your eyes on a lovely dinner plate. And yes, this yeti is holding a fancy fork. Is he eating himself? Maybe you can decide because we don’t know.”

Team Name: Up To Snow Good
Home State: Wisconsin 1
Sculpture Title: "The Bremen Town Musicians"

Artist Statement: “When we were children and we would read stories, the magic of the printed word could make the characters come to life in our mind's eyes. With this sculpture, we hope to allow the viewer to recapture that same magical feeling we had when we were young and our vivid imaginations let us live in the very stories we were reading. This is the story of "The Town Musicians of Bremen" by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, authors of the beloved Grimm's Fairy Tales. It's the story of four aging domestic animals who, after after a lifetime of hard work, are neglected by their former masters. A donkey who has become old and weak, a dog who can no longer hunt, a cat unable to catch mice, and a rooster destined for the soup pot. Each one is persuaded by the donkey to go to Bremen and start a new life as musicians. Enjoy the sculpture, and when you go home, look up the story to find out the surprising ending....”

Team Name: Carvivores
Home State: Maine
Sculpture Title: "Prevailing Wings"

Artist Statement: “The fight between good and evil, right and wrong is a struggle constantly pulling ourselves and this world in two directions. If we give in to our desires, and say “yes” to the evil in this world then the darkness wins. Therefore we must be warriors, constantly fighting with sword and holding a shield to protect us. With “Prevailing Wings” we can conquer the darkness, so the light of this world can shine through.”

Team Name: Sculptora Borealis
Home State: Wisconsin 2
Sculpture Title: "Comfortably Numb"

Artist Statement: “This sculpture, Comfortably Numb, represents the beauty and power of the human brain while warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence.  We created smart technology to enhance several aspects of our daily lives but there seems to be a fine line between usefulness and obsession.”