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New Beginnings APFV


(formerly The Association for Prevention of Family Violence)
Elkhorn, WI
Website | Phone: (262) 723-4653

Violent Crime Victim Advocacy, Support and Counseling.

Mission - Our primary purpose and mission is to provide services to victims of violent crimes including: survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, harassment and human trafficking. We provide services to children - seniors as well as work with family members of victims. We provide public education and a coordinated community response to domestic abuse and sexual assault.  

Community Resources - We are currently offering weekly safety groups to children (6th graders) in LG Middle School. On March 7th, we provided a training to employees of Simple Cafe and Bakery. This summer, we will be offering presentations at Safety Town for incoming Kindergarteners. Additionally, will be offering weekly Summer groups at Covenant Harbor Camp. Our Executive Director has presented at one and sat in on the last three Geneva Lakes Women's Association meetings.  Many of our clients reside in Lake Geneva and receive our services. We work closely with Detective Netteshiam and the LGPD. We work closely with Calvary Church and donated five bags of winter coats this past Winter.  

Most Urgent Need - Like many others, 2020 was a difficult year for us to navigate. Our fundraising dollars were lower than what is usual for us. Approximately 20% of our annual income comes from corporate or individual donations. In 2020, we lost nearly 10% of our donations. These funds will greatly help us in the area of operations.