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RW Spotlight_Carlos Nunez



Q:  How long have you worked at this restaurant?

A:  6 years.


Q:  What do you enjoy most about working as a server? 

A:  Interacting with all my guests. Getting to know them and their story!


Q:  What is the most memorable guest interaction you have had?

A:  That depends, there have been so many! There was a family who came in that is hearing impaired and they were happy to see that I could communicate with them, as I know some ASL. Learning ASL over the years has become a passion as some of my friends and coworkers are hearing impaired, so it was important for me to able to communicate with them and has allowed me to be a better server for my guest as well.


Q:  What item on the menu is your favorite and would recommend to first time diners?

A:  Our Fried Calamari! Even before I worked here I would always come in just for that.


Q:  What would you recommend to your guest to do for fun in Lake Geneva?

A:  I always recommend to go and walk the lake path to all my guests. It’s a beautiful sight with mansions and the lake, so what’s not to like!