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Q: What is your culinary training background and how did that lead you to the Lake Geneva area?

I have been working in this business for 12 years. I started in a Mexican restaurant in Missouri and the chef there used to teach me a lot about how to cook Mexican cuisine. I lived 6 years in Missouri and then moved to Milwaukee, WI where I lived for 1 year and working at Taqueria Arandas where I learned more about authentic Mexican food. The owner offered me to work with him as a manager in this area (Delavan) here at Arandas Mexican Grill, which was a big challenge because we opened during COVID. It wasn't easy but now we have been open for 4 years.


Q: Who has been your biggest culinary inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration always have been my Mom and Dad, He taught me to work hard and consistence and My mom is the best Culinary chef I ever know, She knows how to cook and some of our dishes are inspired by her recipes.


Q: What is your restaurant best known for?

Our Restaurant is known best for the best Authentic Mexican food in the area, fast and really good service and the best margaritas.


Q: What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

I have a lot, but what I like to cook more is seafood, specially Shrimp of many different ways.


Q: What is your process when developing a new dish?

First, I have to choose what kind of dish I want to make, I have to get the best quality of meat and then getting the ingredients. I like to play with them and try to combine them to get the best taste.


Q: Do you have any tips or tricks for those looking to elevate their dishes at home?

Experiment with new spices, don't be afraid, there are many flavors that can surprise you when you try them for the first time.