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Chef Jonathan Gutierrez profile header


Q: What is your culinary training background and how did that lead you to the Lake Geneva area?

My culinary training background is diverse and extensive. It began with cooking alongside my mom and evolved through experiences in butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and private chef events. Additionally, I pursued a bachelor's degree in international business management with a focus on gastronomy. My journey led me to the Grand Geneva because I sought a place eager to innovate in the culinary realm while offering opportunities for personal growth.


Q: Who has been your biggest culinary inspiration and why?

My biggest culinary inspirations include my mom, who provided my initial training and recipes, and Chef Heston Blumenthal who has a unique perspective on the culinary world. Furthermore, I'm inspired by my future self in 5 to 10 years, which fuels my passion and excitement for personal growth and culinary exploration.


Q: What is your restaurant best known for?

Our restaurants are renowned for their commitment to quality, flavor, and creativity.


Q: What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

Cooking, for me, is a holistic experience, and I don't have a single favorite dish. I derive joy from experimenting with both familiar and novel flavors, continually pushing the boundaries of culinary creativity.


Q: What is your process when developing a new dish?

When developing a new dish, I prioritize seasonal ingredients to capture the freshest flavors. I then meticulously pair ingredients and techniques to maximize the dish's potential and highlight each component's unique qualities.


Q: Do you have any tips or tricks for those looking to elevate their dishes at home?

I encourage checking out my social media platforms, @chefjonathang, where I regularly share tips, tricks, and culinary inspiration to enhance home cooking experiences.