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Chef profile image for Gracie's Kitchen


Q: What is your culinary training background and how did that lead you to the Lake Geneva area?

I've worked in various restaurants in Wisconsin and Illinois for the past 30 years. We've lived and worked in the Lake Geneva area for the past 18 years. After years of discussions with my family, and their support we decided to open Gracie's Kitchen, first, as a food truck in 2020 and then expanded to our Williams Bay location in 2023. We hope you can taste the passion and love we put into every dish!


Q: Who has been your biggest culinary inspiration and why?

I've been inspired by many tv chefs from The Frugal Gourmet to Rick Bayless and many others. I like to see how other chefs put together new and different flavor profiles.


Q: What is your restaurant best known for?

Comfort food in a family friendly environment


Q: What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

I love to make fresh salads because there are so many possibilities.


Q: What is your process when developing a new dish?

We talk through ideas at the Kitchen and try new recipes and sample them.


Q: Do you have any tips or tricks for those looking to elevate their dishes at home?

Keep trying new things and don't be afraid to experiment with new dishes. With on-line recipes and tutorials, it's easier now to explore more about the culinary world. And if that doesn't turn out quite right, stop by Gracie's Kitchen for a tasty bite.