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Staff profile header image for Egg Harbor Cafe


Q: How long have you worked at this restaurant?

I have worked at Egg Harbor Cafe since April 2023, almost 1 year now!


Q: What do you enjoy most about working at this restaurant?

What I enjoy most about working at this restaurant is the people. Since day 1 they have made me feel so welcome, everyone working at EHC are all great, unique people. Our guests that come in are amazing. They all are the reason I look forward to going to work.


Q: What is the most memorable guest interaction you have had?

As a manager at a bustling restaurant, my days are often filled with a whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities. Yet, amidst the chaos, I always make a point to connect with my team and guests on a personal level. One morning, as I was seating this family of four, the mom of the young boy quietly let me know that it was her son's birthday. I let their server know and before their food was ready, we gathered a group of staff and brought him birthday pancakes, decorated with chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles. We surprised him and sang happy birthday and the smile on his face was priceless!


Q: What item on the menu is your favorite and would recommend to first time diners?

One of my favorite menu items is the Combo Egg-ceptional! You get a smaller portion of a skillet, that you create with anything you'd like, a slice of banana bread French toast and fruit!


Q: What would you recommend to your guest to do for fun in Lake Geneva?

One of my favorite things about Lake Geneva is the lake path, it goes around the whole lake, and it is so beautiful. I recommend it to everyone!