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ALASKA  |  Block #1

alaska sketch



Team Name:  AK Department of Snow

Sculpture Title:  When Love Hurts

Artist Statement:   Beware the beckoning beacon, the lustrous lure, the seductive siren! Consider pause, wariness, some examination…from a safe distance of course…perhaps some doubt, perhaps some caution? Can you get another look? Ponder motives, those of others yes but especially yours…sniff for the sweet perfume of intoxicating ideals, enchantments, you sense a spell? At the slightest whiff the wise would do well to tiptoe around impulse and reaction...scan your desire, recognize the pull without succumbing...can you swim out of its current? In the game of guile the shrewd and skittish are armed by their nature with a better perch, a larger perspective, an avenue of escape from an arena where the bold and forthright can easily get gobbled….

Team Members:

  • Paul Hanis (Captain) - Paul has been an ice and snow sculptor in Alaska for 17 years. He lives off the grid in the remote Rangell Mountains. See more of his work at
  • Patrick Boonstra - Patrick has been carving snow and ice since 2005. He builds renewable solar and wind energy systems in remote Alaskan villages in his professional life. He is the best snow carver to ever come out of his home address.
  • Tom Lewando - Tom has been carving ice since the 90's and recently got roped into snow carving by one of his ice buddies. He also takes a break from chainsawing by working with glass in his kiln.


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