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Team Name:  Flozen | Less Latitude, More Attitude

Sculpture Title:  Cherry Blossom Beauty

Artist Statement:  The meaning of this sculpture holds an important significance to Team Flozen. Over the past year, countless people around us have suffered losses, struggle with anxiety, and have endured tremendous life-altering circumstances. Our world seems to have a dark shadow cast upon it. We wanted our piece to illustrate the beauty that still exists in this world. It's our hope to transport everyone into a place of peace and serenity, where troubles are no more than a cherry blossom falling from a tree.

Team Members:

  • Amanda Bolduc (Captain) - Amanda is a Maine native who recently became a Floridian. After graduating high school, she boarded a plane for Fort Jackson, SC to begin Army basic training for the summer. 13 years later she ended her military career as an Engineer Officer building structures and working with explosives to become a stay-at-home mom. A new chapter started in her life in the realm of home-schooling and she is currently homeschooling her youngest child of 3. She first got her start in the art of sculpting in 2006, when she entered her first amateur sand sculpting competition on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. She loved how much of an impact her creation could make on the audience, from laughter to tears (depending on the piece). Amanda travels annually across the U.S. competing in sand competitions typically attended by thousands of people. In 2015, Amanda took her sand sculpting skills and crossed over to snow. After her first competition on the Maine coast in a blizzard, her and her mother won, and landed themselves a 9ft x 8ft cylinder of snow at the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championship. This crossover has propelled her into a new love for SNOW!!!


  • Bruce Peck - Bruce was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Studying architecture at the University of Kansas scared him far away from the arts, into a lifelong career as a CPA. His career allowed him to travel extensively and live in such beautiful places as Halifax, Nova Scotia, Portland, Oregon, and Sacramento, California. For almost 30 years, his most artistic endeavor was clipping coupons from the Sunday paper! When an opportunity arose to relocate once again, it wasn’t by accident that he ended up on the Gulf Coast of Florida near several of the top ranked beaches in the United States. By then he had stumbled upon a passion for sand sculpting. His family and friends had no idea where the hidden talent had come from, but they encouraged him to enter his first amateur competition in 2014. Snow sculpting has been a natural 􀂦t that allows him to stay sharp during the winter and enjoy working as a team. The camaraderie of the snow sculpting world has turned him into a snow carving addict!


  • Adam Turner - Adam and his family are somewhat nomadic, but have recently returned to MN, where they hope to stay for a long while. Adam grew up drawing and pursued a career in the graphic design and illustration realm. He has illustrated several children’s books and has also illustrated for Target, Deloitte, Intel, Mercedes Benz, Heineken and National Geographic. Several years ago, he was interested in getting to ‘know his city’ so he wrote a blog for 30 days on doing something different every day in Minneapolis/St. Paul. One of those days, he encountered snow sculpting. He decided to try his hand at it and hasn’t slowed down since. Several years ago, he and his family moved down to Phoenix, AZ, and had to disband his team. He didn’t know it at the time, but that made him a free agent, and before long, he was sculpting with other teams at events like Breckenrigde and the U.S. Nationals. A few seasons ago, he sculpted with a different team from MN at the Nationals, and then last year, he sculpted with Team Florida. This year, the band is reuniting, and Adam will be sculpting with Team Florida once again.


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