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MAINE  |  Block #1

WF24_Team Maine_sketch

WF24_Team Maine


Team Name:  The Chickadees

Sculpture Title:  Artemis - Her Silver Will

Artist Statement:    As an all-female team, we wanted to take this opportunity to sculpt something that represented us--while also speaking to something more broadly applicable and timely. This design reflects our love of seasons and nature, and of science; the next moon mission will include the first woman on the moon, and the first person of color. Artemis, the goddess of the moon (and the name of the next NASA moon mission!), is a meeting of, and homage to, the modern and the ancient. A classical subject, rendered in ephemeral snow rather than timeless marble, aiming for something greater, and just beyond our sight.

Team Members:

  • Serena Sanborn (Captain) - Serena has been snow sculpting in Maine for about ten years. She attended the US Nationals in 2019 and won 2nd place with her amazing teammates! She has worked for Waterville Creates in the Education Department for 6 years, during which time she won a Maine Arts Educator of the Year Award in 2021/2022. Before working for Waterville Creates, she worked for ten years as the lead science educator and communicator at a natural history museum and became a Maine Master Naturalist. She has a multifaceted dedication to the natural world, the arts, and teaching.
  • Desiree DuBois - Desiree is an established Maine artist with a background of over 23 years of painting, sculpting, scenic painting, illustration, and cake art. She finds working on large-scale, fast-paced collaborative art thrilling, and well within her wheelhouse. Her sixteen-plus seasons of experience as a scenic painter for Lakewood Theatre helped to hone in on the skills that would later translate well to snow sculpting; at Lakewood the demand for completing a fully-built, elaborately painted set had to be within a four-day window. As the newest member of team Chickadee, she’s had three seasons of snow-sculpting experience, adapting to the art form quickly and seamlessly. Desiree sculpted for the New Hampshire Invitationals in both 2022 and 2023. In addition to creating and selling her own art, Desiree works part-time for Waterville Creates in art education, theater, and kid’s camps. Over the course of her lifetime as an artist, Desiree has won ribbons and awards at various art shows throughout the years. She has a strong eye for figurative work, as well as rendering animals and landscapes.
  • Phoebe Sanborn - Phoebe has always been involved in art in either her professional or personal life, but has loved snow sculpting in particular since finally saying "yes" in 2017 to an unlikely-sounding adventure pitched to her by her sister, Serena. After several days out in the cold shoveling snow and learning the basics of sculpting, she was hooked. When it's not snowy and chilly enough to carve, Phoebe finds particular pleasure in painting 3D miniature models for tabletop gaming, and in writing and publishing stories for fellow gamers to enjoy.


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