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MINNESOTA 1  |  Block #5

WF24_Team Minnesota_Sketch

WF24_Team Minnesota_House of Thune


Team Name:  House of Thune

Sculpture Title: Mischief Maker

Artist Statement:  They are referred to as Mischief Makers because they are poisonous when they are unripe. But, when ripe, they are great for helping the body absorb calcium because of the high level of pectin. Just some morning fun facts to go around.


Team Members:

  • Jason Arney-O'Neil (Captain) - Jason has been sculpting snow competitively since 2017. 2024 will be his first visit to US Nationals. This comes after an agglomerate of judge offerings and invited visits to international competitions. None would've been possible without the team efforts made by House of Thune sculptors and Dusty Thune's enormous back. Outside of the snow circuit, Jason makes a living as a fabrication artist, making cool things for cool people. He too, knows Man Bear.
  • Jessica Turtle - Jessica Turtle is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and educator in the Saint Croix Valley. Her creative practice spans a variety of media, and her work explores many themes, specifically memory, pattern, nature, and folklore. Jessica was introduced to snow sculpting by her brother (Man-Bear Von Helsingvanbergowitz) and started competing as a member of the House of Thune in 2015. Since then, she’s helped her team win first place during the Minnesota State Snow Sculpting Competition in St. Paul, MN, and second place during the US National Snow Sculpting Competition in Lake Geneva, WI. She also enjoyed competing at the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckinridge, CO., at the first annual invitational in Duluth, MN., and during the Ham Lake Snow Bowl.
  • David Aichinger - David is an artist and woodworker by trade. He first got started in snow sculpting in 2015 with his partner Jessica Turtle. Jessica Turtle's brother "Man Bear" introduced us to Dusty Thune at that time. Within those 8 years, David has won first place in 5 Minnesota State competitions, first place in Thunder Bay Canada, Second place at US Nationals, and First place at the World Championships in Stillwater, MN. David lives on the Saint Croix River with Jessica, their son Joe, and two amazing dogs.



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