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VERMONT  |  Block #2

WF24_Team Vermont_Sketch

WF24_Team Vermont_Team Photo

Team Name:  OG Team VT

Sculpture Title:  Interdependance

Artist Statement:   This sculpture is an extrapolation of our studies of harmonic geometry, a branch of mathematics that visualizes shapes that both support each other and rely on each other for support. Each shape makes room for the other while taking its own space. In life, we find that if we support each other's independence, while our own independence is supported, we can become something more... something elegant, unique, balanced, and strong. We can become greater than the sum of all our parts.

Team Members:

  • Michael Nedell (Captain) - Michael has been the captain of both National and International Award-winning snow sculpture teams. He runs a tech company, plays bass in a rock and roll band, and has made art installations for music festivals. He was one of the "professional" snow sculptors on Disney's snow sculpting reality show - Best in Snow.

  • Brooke Monte - Brooke is inspired by metamorphosis in visual imagery. An image evolves in time as the mind processes the visual signal. The vocabulary used in his work is a refined system of geometry, color, light, and realism. He explores the relationships of differing grid systems; square, triangular, and hexagonal. The grids are sometimes infused with circles which create space —positive and negative— within the image. Brooke is also a National and International Snow Sculpting Champion.

  • Alex Dostie - Alex Dostie is a professional custom picture framer, visual/performance artist, and Studio Boss who has been living and working in Burlington for more than 10 years! He is the manager of the Box Art Studio on Pine St, the former President of Art’s Alive Vermont, a principal officer serving on the board of directors for the Green Candle Theatre Company, and a current member of the Team Vermont Snow Sculpting, the 2012 National Champions and 2016 International Champions!



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