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WISCONSIN 3  |  Block #10

WF24_Team Wisconsin 3_Sketch

WF24_Team Wisconsin 3_Team Photo



Team Name:  Snow Cronies

Sculpture Title:  Along the Ice Age Trail

Artist Statement:   Every kid is excited when first introduced to prehistoric animals and with many of us that excitement lives on. More than 12,000 years ago, an immense flow of glacial ice sculpted a landscape of remarkable beauty across the region known as the Ice Age Trail. As the glacier retreated, it left behind a variety of unique landscape features. These glacial remnants are now considered among the world’s finest examples of how continental glaciation sculpts our planet. Many fossil remains of extinct animals of this period have been found in this region. One of the most iconic animals of the era was the Woolly Mammoth and it is this creature we have chosen as the subject of our sculpture. The sculpture depicts the dramatic moment at which the Mammoth breaks through thin ice and is now struggling for its life. It may have been the way many of these great beats met their end as the earth's temperature began to moderate.

Team Members:

  • Greg Moerner (Captain)
  • Dan Ingebrigtson
  • Mark Hargarten


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