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WISCONSIN 4  |  Block #13

WF24_Team Wisconsin 4_Sketch

WF24_Wisconsin 4_Team Photo_1 WF24_Team Wisconsin 4_Team Photo 2



Team Name:  Up to Snow Good

Sculpture Title:  We're All Quite Mad Here

Artist Statement:   While Alice's adventure might seem mad on the surface, its main goal is to answer the caterpillar's question and figure out the greatest puzzle of all, "Who in the world am I?" Life can also seem mad, but by discovering who we are, and by accepting ourselves, assures a much smoother ride through our own journey

Team Members:

  • Mike Austin (Captain) - Master Craftsman woodworker and avid outdoorsman. Executive Director, Lighthouse Personal Development, non-profit mentoring program for teen boys. Sculpting snow and ice since 2008.
  • Jeffrey Shawhan - Art Professor at Carthage College. Fitness enthusiast, Iron Man Triathlon competitor. Award-winning sculptor on national and international levels.
  • Nolan Shawhan



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