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2020 Snow Sculpting Teams

Meet the talented Snow Sculpting Teams competing in this year's U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championship at Lake Geneva Winterfest! Sculpting action starts at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 29 and concludes at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 1. Vote for your favorite sculpture in our People's Choice award category on Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Winners will be announced at the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championship Awards Ceremony at The Riviera Ballroom at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

Meet the Teams
Block #1
Team Name: Perfect Strangers 
Home State: Iowa
Sculpture Title: "The Task at Hand"

Artist Statement:  This sculpture is based on the ancient Greek Myth of Sisyphus.  After cleverly defying death multiple times and dodging the consequences of his actions, Sisyphus was condemned by the gods to forever struggle to push a bolder up a mountain only to have it fall back the the bottom over and over.  This myth seems all to familiar to modern people as we struggle to complete the the daily challenges life throws at you.

Block #2
Team Name: The Snow Cronies
Home State: Wisconsin 2
Sculpture Title: "Life's a Dance"

Artist Statement: Sheer Delight and Gratitude of life's journeys.

Block #3
Team Name: Band of Misfit Boys
Home State: Illinois 2
Sculpture Title: "Please Feed Bear"

Artist Statement: This is a piece we have wanted to do for a while. We are going to attempt to make a bear begging for food in a round cage. We really want to explore the use of negative space with the round cage bars encircling the bear. It should provide really interesting eye play as you circle around the piece with the hope that you wonder how we got in and out of the cage.

Block #4
Team Name: Granite State Snow Sculptors
Home State: New Hampshire
Sculpture Title: "Joy of Reading"

Artist Statement: Reading is something that is made available to all. It is an activity that can easily answer to most intense of curiosities, ignite the imagination, and inform the most intense of thinkers. The idea of this carving is to artistically highlight the joy of reading.

Block #5
Team Name: Polka Pickles
Home State: Wisconsin 1
Sculpture Title: "Hold Fast"

Artist Statement: 

“Hold fast” is yelled by sailors as a warning to tie down loose objects and for the crew to hold on as rough seas bear down upon them. As the ship struggles to stay it’s course, the seas take on the physical embodiment of a human ‘holding fast’ to the ship: an effort to protect itself from the effects of rising oceans and eroding shorelines caused by increasing temperatures from human activity.

Block #6
Team Name: Team Dino Fight
Home State: Minnesota 1
Sculpture Title: "Daydream"

Artist Statement: Giving a new twist to Art Nouveau classics, a daydreaming woman drops her book as creatures emerge from the page, spiraling around her.  Moved by what she reads, her form becomes one with the subject.

Block #7
Team Name: The Windy City Snowmen
Home State: Illinois 1
Sculpture Title: "The Dance"

Artist Statement: In the shortest moments of your life the entire universe sees itself through your eyes and experiences itself through your heart. Every chance you get, sing at the top of your lungs. Every chance you get, love with all of your heart and soul. Forgive. Forget. Laugh. Take your chances. Make an absolute fool of yourself. Hold nothing back. Time is short. Drink deeply of the truly divine gift of your life. And. Dance every time you get the chance. 

Block #8
Team Name: The Three Amigos
Home State: Michigan
Sculpture Title: "A Warm Embrace"

Artist Statement: We wanted to make something fun, but yet something that could probably be detailed out for several more hours/days of work.

Block #9
Team Name: Carvivores
Home State: Maine
Sculpture Title: "Mirror Into the Soul"

Artist Statement: This sculpture represents all the inner pain and suffering people experience without others knowing. On the outside, one seems so put together, calm and beautiful, but on the inside you see the true pain, torment and struggle. The crack represents the fractured soul with the mirror reflecting her true inner feelings. 

Block #10
Team Name: Snow Mafia
Home State: Colorado
Sculpture Title: "Happy Birthday! The Big 35!"

Artist Statement: Nothing like getting a big birthday Cake on your 35th Birthday as Team Colorado we plan to CELEBRATE with you and snow sculpt you a very amazing Snow CAKE with lots of fun things to look at around the cake. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY US SNOW SCULPTING NATIONALS LAKE GENEVA!!!  As Team Colorado we are executing this build with our amazing talent of Steve Mercia, Ian Kunter, and Carey Moose Hosterman. 

Block #11
Team Name: Team New York
Home State: New York
Sculpture Title: "Tree of Life"

Artist Statement: This sculpture is intended to show the cycle of life using a tree and two human forms as metaphor. The sculpture has a central tree that branches and morphs into two human shaped faces. The branches of the tree form the general shape of the face forms and then circle back into the roots of the tree to complete the cycle. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth is an important part of our culture and one of the most basic ways that nature functions. As organisms die, they provide the sustenance for those that live ad infinitum. 

Block #12
Team Name: The Pour Saps
Home State: Vermont
Sculpture Title: "Moooon Stories!"

Artist Statement: We all know that the cow jumped over the moon, but was the Man in the Moon in the moon at the time? We offer evidence that he is, and fast asleep, dreaming dreams of marvelous things. This piece is homage both to our home state of Vermont and the denizens of its small dairies and the wife, imaginative landscape of nursery rhymes and childhood dreams.

Block #13
Team Name: AK Department of Snow
Home State: Alaska
Sculpture Title: "The Flirtation of Frost"

Artist Statement: As it grows and forms the frost swirls, dances, and cavorts, playfully captivating not only my fancies but perhaps its own as well...

Block #14
Team Name: Sno Van Gogh
Home State: Minnesota 2
Sculpture Title: "Tree of Life"

Artist Statement: In nature nothing is destroyed, just repurposed. Even in death new life springs forth. As this tree spirit dies it transforms into the future guardians of the forest. 

Block #15
Team Name: Team Out Cold - Nebraska Snow Sculpting
Home State: Nebraska
Sculpture Title: "Polar Bear Plunge"

Artist Statement: The Polar Bear Plunge is known to many as a crazy event only people categorized as brave or insane would try.  Donning swimsuits, costumes and other ridiculous attire, it is surely a scene to behold.  But from a polar bear's perspective, a plunge into the frigid waters is one of the many joys in life!  Our sculpture blends these two scenes together and aims to capture the comical chaos as spectators watch the polar bears plunge into the icy water.