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ILLINOIS 1  |  Block #2


illinois 1

illinois 1

Team Name:  Cave People from Space 

Sculpture Title:  Otterly Loud

Artist Statement:   Otterly Loud... Some times it feels like everything is so loud right now. Some are loud because they really love what they have and want to share it, others are loud because they want to stand out and be noticed and some are loud because they have no idea what's going on but they don't want anyone to notice. These otters might genuinely want to share their music with these fish or they might be trying to drive these fish into the waiting mouth of their friends. Are the fish enjoying it or too suspicious? We don't have the answers sometimes pondering questions reveals enough...although I am not sure the furry mouths and stubby fingers could produce the type of music I would want to listen to but then again my hamster used to play a mean harmonica...hmmmm

Team Members:

  • Kelly Madison (Captain) - Kelly is an elementary art teacher that has been sculpting for 10 years, earning multiple Illinois titles and people's choice awards. 

  • Brian Hierstein - Brian is an artist and art educator from Rockford, Il. Growing up in Iowa and Minnesota he was always in awe of snow and ice sculptures. 

  • Kyle Wolfe - Kyle began sculpting in 2000 and has sculpted professionally or coached high school teams since. 



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