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Sketch_2021_Illinois 1

Team Photo_2021_Illinois 1

Team Name:  Cave People From Space

Sculpture Title:  The Like-Ness Monster

Artist Statement:  The Like-Ness Monster is a creature from depths of our society, lurking just below the surface of our collective unconscious, lying in wait for an unsuspecting person floating by to get sucked in to "doing it for the likes" or "doing it for the 'Gram". He preys on clout-chasers, hashtaggers, influencers, and anyone unlucky enough to get sucked into the draw of living life only on social media.

Team Members:

Joe Goral (Captain) - “I started snow sculpting in 2016. I had gone to see the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition for many years and had always wanted to try sculpting snow. I spent my late teens and early twenties painting murals, so I liked the idea of working in large scale. My brother and I sculpted together the first year with a mutual friend, Kyle Wolfe, who had been a coach for the local high schools for years and sculpted as well. The next year I joined a team as a late addition and met Kelly Madison, who had sculpted for years. Kelly and I sculpted the following year with Brian Hierstein, a long-time friend of mine. That year we won our state competition! Since then, our team has won state twice and won third place for the People's Choice award at Nationals in 2019. We're very excited to be back again! In my spare time I enjoy riding bikes with my two sons, mountain biking and woodworking.”

Kelly Madison - “I've been sculpting for 10 years now and working in the education field as an art teacher. i started sculpting in high school in Rockford and two years later decided to sculpt the big blocks. I specialize in portraiture and fiber arts.”

Brian Hierstein - “This is my fifth year sculpting. I have been an art teacher for the last 16 years in Rockford. I make art out of a wide variety of media in my own time.”



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