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MICHIGAN  |  Block #6

WF24_Team Michigan_Sketch


WF24_Team Michigan_Photo

Team Name:  Team Michigan

Sculpture Title:  Yeti Spaghetti

Artist Statement:   This Yeti likes his spaghetti! We enjoy sculpting lighthearted themes that create a fun environment for our team and the spectators. We also enjoy a good pasta dish!

Team Members:

  • Scott Triplett (Captain) - Over 20 years of snow sculpting experience with four previous trips to Nationals. 6 years of sand sculpting. Ceramics art with a focus on Raku pottery. (Bryan is a Master sand sculptor, and I apologize for letting him write his own bio).
  • Bryan Obermeyer - After 15+ years of competing in Sand, the International Sand Sculpting Union banished me for being too creative. Exiled to the Antarctic I had to make use of what surrounded me in that environment. Upon my return, I met Scott who convinced me there was money to be made in snow sculpting. My first competition was three years ago. Scott and I created a piece called" Fluffy the Bunbarian" based on a traumatic rabbit attack from Scott's youth. The therapist said it would be "healing" to confront the demons from his past. This earned us 3rd place. Last year our team added Dottie. Much Like Scott, she had her own inner demons to contend with. Scott and I have seen them... we don't like to talk about them. Our piece last year "Do You see what I see?" earned us 2nd place. We are more than excited to be invited to Nationals this year to redeem ourselves and improve on our past failures. As a team member and self-imposed Dad Joke King, I plan to bring my infectious and upbeat personality to all who will listen to me. Did you hear that? "TO ALL WHO WILL LISTEN TO ME!"

  • Dottie Willison - Dottie has been a semi-professional sand sculptor for several years. A couple of years ago, she made a lapse in judgment and agreed to try snow sculpting with Scott and Bryan. With a ton of bad jokes, weird humor, and a ton of libations she has made her transition into snow very gracefully, and by that with only one fall to date. This transition will haunt her for years to come but she wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!


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