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Old World Foundation


Eagle, WI
Website | Phone: (262) 594-2922

Mission - Old World Foundation's mission is to fund projects and programs at Old World Wisconsin to enhance the visitor experience and preserve history.  Old World Wisconsin is a 600 acre outdoor living history museum that brings history to life for over 50,000 guests each year.  Guests learn about life in the mid-1800s to mid 1900s through interactive experiences that entertain while they educate.  They showcase heritage breed animals, heirloom gardens, historic buildings and educational/public programming for both adults and children.  In fact, in a typical year, over 11,000 children visit Old World Wisconsin on a school field trip.  

Community Resources - Old World Wisconsin offers both in-person and virtual field trips. Old World Foundation has subsidized these field trips in the past so that neither the schools nor the families have to pay for this opportunity.

Most Urgent Needs - At this time, Old World Wisconsin is in the process of creating a new entry experience. This includes a new brewhouse, tavern, and beer garden. The historic Wittnebel's Tavern that was built in 1906 was relocated last year from Old Ashipunn, WI to Old World Wisconsin. They are now in the process of restoring this building to its mid-1930s appearance. Old World Foundation is raising funds this year to assist with the renovation expenses so that this building can open as a "1930's themed" tavern for the 2023 season. This will create an enhanced visitor experience at Old World Wisconsin. Guests will be able to see how beer was brewed in the 1800s and then guests 21 years of age or older can enjoy a glass of beer in an "immersive experience" in the renovated tavern.