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Seeds of Hope


Elkhorn, WI
Website | Phone: (262) 233-4477

Mission:  We Plant Possibilities.  Seeds of Hope, SOH, is a horticultural and recreational community for those with developmental and other disabilities.

Community Resources:  Seeds of Hope works with clients in learning, recreational, social, and work activities.  Our work activities include growing plant material and produce in our greenhouses and in our gardens, we bring these items to the Lake Geneva Farm Market and sell them there.  A social activity SOH participates in is bowling at Lake Geneva Lanes, and an exercising activity is swimming and basketball at the YMCA in Lake Geneva.  Through Seeds of Hope, clients learn how to live healthy and have a purposeful life. Our SOH community includes residents of Lake Geneva.

Most Urgent Needs:  Seeds of Hope needs to relocate.  We began in the downstairs and back yard of our founder’s home.  We have grown so much we need more space.  This year SOH is hoping to fundraise to build a new community center on land they purchased in 2021.