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The Time is Now


Lake Geneva, WI
Website | Phone: (262) 249-7000

Poverty relief, home repairs, food, shelter, utility assistance, car repairs, dental care, wheelchairs, new beds, etc.

Mission: People in need of assistance write a letter or email to our charity sharing how they need help and why. They are contacted by our founder Sal Dimiceli, Sr. He reviews their budgets, helps to find solutions, provides volunteers when needed for home repairs and/or deliveries of goods, and provides payments directly to landlords, utility companies, car loans, etc. Every week in newspapers throughout SE Wisconsin we write a column sharing one of these people and how they were helped by our charity. For the past 20 years this column has been published in the Lake Geneva Regional News and several Southern Lakes Newspapers. We aided over 600 people last year in the Lake Geneva area.

Community Resources: Our goal is to prevent homelessness before it starts and one of the ways we do that is by providing car repairs and donated vehicles. A car is essential to employment in our community. Maintaining employment is essential to preventing homelessness. We also provide new tires to ensure safe transportation, provide wheelchair accessible vehicles, repair and register donated vehicles, and provide car loan payments to prevent loss of vehicles. Gift cards for gas are also greatly appreciated for daily commutes to work or medical care.

Most Urgent Need: Our largest area of assistance at this time is rent/mortgage/shelter relief requests, followed by auto assistance. The high cost of rents and interest rate hikes have stretched many budgets this past year. When you are elderly or struggling due to a debilitating illness the loss of shelter is even more devastating. Single mothers and children are doing without daily necessities, dental care, etc. in order to maintain shelter. Funds for shelter assistance are always appreciated.

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