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Block #5

WF22_Illinois 2_sketch_cropped

WF22_Illinois 2_team photo_cropped


Team Name:  Windy City Snowmen

Sculpture Title:  Babies

Artist Statement:  We have a question for you: do you see a baby that just took the pacifier from her brother’s mouth? Or do you see a sister trying to give a pacifier to her upset twin brother? The babies of today will probably see the year 2100. The next Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa has already been born. It doesn’t hurt to believe in them, and it could make all the difference.

Team Members:

  • Kim McCombs (Captain) - Ex golf pro. Lifelong sculptor, snow sculpting for 12 years.  
  • Mike Dillon - Lifelong sculptor and painter. Veteran of many shows.  
  • Juan Zelaya - Member of the Snowmen for eight years.



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