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ILLINOIS 2  |  Block #8

WF24_Team Illinois 2_Sketch

WF24_Team Illinois 2_Team Photo


Team Name:  The Band of Misfit Boys

Sculpture Title:  Soul Stealer

Artist Statement:  From KP: About 15 years ago while getting my hair cut by my sister-in-law, I said something that made her laugh really hard. She said, "I want to live inside your head for 10 minutes". Without missing a beat, I said, "You wouldn't last 5". For whatever reason that memory popped up recently and Soul Stealer was the result. So, take a look inside my head... If you dare.


Team Members:

  • Keith Pliml (Captain) - Keith Pliml has reached his 20th year of sculpting. He's completed in Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada, and his home state of Illinois. Snow sculpting is a vacation for him.
  • ‚ÄčMan-Bear - Man-Bear is in his 15th year scaring children and eating all the salmon. He has completed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Canada.
  • Drake Perez - Drake is in his 6th year sculpting. He's competed in Illinois and Wisconsin events. When he's not taking sharp tools to snow, Drake spends his time deepening his knowledge of cocktails and spirits. Drake is the go-to guy for tequila knowledge.


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