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ILLINOIS 2  |  Block #10

illinois 2

illinois 2


Team Name:  Two Blondes and a Burnette

Sculpture Title:  The Quest for Bachelorette #3

Artist Statement:   We had originally been thinking about doing a piece with a dragon and knight. Most of our snow sculptures have included a creature of some kind and what better creature is there to sculpt than a dragon? George came up with the idea to add a beefier knight to hold the shield and be able to hold up weight better. He suggested using Shrek since there was a scene in the movie with him as a knight and a fire-breathing dragon. We all love movies and thought kids/people would enjoy seeing a recognizable character.

Team Members:

  • Danica Rogers (Captain) - Started in 2017 with two talented and seasoned snow sculptors who brought the team to 1st place artist and people's choice at the Illinois State Championship that year. 
  • Mark Rogers - 62 year old husband, father of four, and grandpa of six. Joined in 2020 to sculpt with his daughter and enjoys engaging in any artistic challenge. 
  • George Burnette - George has been sculpting snow competitively for 2 seasons, with a lifetime of backyard snow forts and creatures to aid his conquest. 



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