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Team Name:  Sculptora Borealis

Sculpture Title:  Deeper Connections

Artist Statement:  Against the many storylines that exist today, whether it’s political, racial, cultural, religious, etc., the media narrative continuously places humans into groups or uses descriptors that try to push people into some sort of category often creating division and tension between those groups. Whatever the motive, in the end, we are all humans and our opinions and what we look like on the outside are just a small part of who we are as a person.  The deeper we dig into understanding our fellow humans, we'll find that we have much in common, and if you remain open, you just might find a connection that would not have otherwise been found.  It is time for us to reach out and understand each other so we can unify the world and create compassion, and acceptance for all beings on Earth.

Team Members:

  • Joshua Jakubowski (Captain) - I began ice sculpting in 2016 after an invite from Bob Lechtenberg’s sister / Mike Lechtenberg’s daughter, Christine Winters, to compete in the Waukesha Winter Janboree, and that began my journey down this quirky path of sculpting frozen precipitation. Bob Lechtenberg and I have sculpted snow together since the beginning, and Mike (Bob’s dad), was added to the team in 2018. Our collective abilities earned us a handful of State and National titles (2018/2021 Champions), and an amazing trip to the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Championship for a 3rd place finish in 2020. We are returning to the USNSSC in 2022 to defend our title after competing at the inaugural World Snow Sculpting Competition in Stillwater, MN. My background in art stems from a lifetime of doodling that eventually led to a BFA and a career in designing products for the senior living market. My hobbies include drawing, woodworking, big game  hunting, hiking, camping, clay sculpting, furniture design, and snow sculpting tool design. I also love to spend time with my beautiful wife and two sons doing whatever makes us happy.
  • Robert Lechtenberg - I've been competitively ice sculpting since 2005, and snow sculpting since 2017 having won 3 State titles, 2 National titles, and a 3rd place International finish at Breckenridge in those short 5 years. I'm an IT project manager consultant by profession which keeps me at a desk most of the day, but gives me the organizational skills to compose the team’s project plan and assess where our biggest risks are and how we can operate most efficiently as a team. Thanks to the changes in the recent work culture due to the pandemic, I now have the benefit of working remotely from our lake home which makes it easier to spend time with the family. I love to take any time I can get to spend with my wife and three daughters and escape outdoors, enjoying things like water skiing, boating, snow skiing, rock climbing, hiking, golfing, and projects around the house.
  • Michael Lechtenberg - Besides ice sculpting, which I have been doing since 2006, and snow Sculpting, which I started in 2018, I have a Mechanical Engineering background and I like gardening, photography, and water activities (swimming, waterskiing, rafting, etc.). I also am president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul at St John Vianney Parish, Brookfield, WI. Our team tries to sculpt pieces that are entertaining and engaging and bring more life and meaning into people's lives.



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