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WISCONSIN 1  |  Block #3

WF24_Team Wisconsin 1_Sketch



WF24_Team Wisconsin 1

Team Name:  Sculptora Borealis

Sculpture Title:  Trust Me

Artist Statement:  

This sculpture asks the question if artificial intelligence can be trusted or not. Big-Tech companies are flooding the global media with the general message that AI is harmless, and its only intention is to help the human race - so embrace it and don't ask any questions. However, several brilliant individuals around the world are warning humanity of what AI could become in the wrong hands, and that warning holds an outcome that nobody wants to think about.

A beautiful android is winking to the viewer while her head and shoulders are shrouded in white lilies and topped with a butterfly. The wink expresses an ulterior motive, deceit, OR reassurance, while the white lilies symbolize purity and innocence, and the butterfly represents transformation and rebirth. The title suggests that the android is self-aware and conscious.

We are transitioning into the age of artificial intelligence whether we like it or not, so what is the answer to this question - can we trust AI, or not?

Team Members:

  • Joshua Jakubowski (Captain) - Josh has been carving snow and ice since 2016 and has been a part of several State, National, and International championships in both activities. Outside of carving frozen precipitation, Josh's hobbies include woodworking, wood carving, whitetail and western big game hunting, spending time on the lake, and sketching. Several home renovations and projects take up a lot of Josh's spare time maintaining a 125-year-old house in Juneau, WI. Josh works as an Industrial Designer in Milwaukee and develops assistive furniture for the Senior Living market (skilled nursing/assistive living). Spending time with friends and family and watching his two sons grow up to be young men also tops the list.
  • Michael Lechtenberg - Mike has been carving snow since 2018, and ice for nearly 20 years. Besides Ice and Snow carving, Mike likes wood carving, photography, and water activities (swimming, waterskiing, rafting, etc.). Mike is also the president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul at St. John Vianney Parish in Brookfield, WI.
  • Mark Hafferman - Mark has been a part of the of the Sculptora Borealis WI State Snow Sculpting Championship team for the past two years, and this is his first Nationals appearance in Lake Geneva. Mark enjoys spending time with his family and friends and working on property management projects throughout the year. Mark also enjoys spending time at his cabin on Lake Buckatabon in Conover, WI. Mark is an avid outdoorsman and loves to hunt whitetail and western big game. Mark is a storyteller and naturally builds strong friendships with nearly everyone he meets.



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