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Walworth County Literacy Council


Elkhorn, WI
Website | Phone: (262) 475-9180

Mission: Walworth County Literacy Council educates and partners with adult learners to reach their literacy goals, thereby empowering themselves, their families and communities.

Community Resource Example: Hui Min is one of over 2,000 adults that have received English language instruction from Walworth County Literacy Council at no charge to the student. Hui Min immigrated to the United States in 2018 from China in search of employment for her and her husband and educational opportunities for their son. It is her hope that her son will able to further his education beyond what she was able to achieve in China. Since moving to Lake Geneva, Min has been working with her tutor weekly, where she learns grammar, spelling, and proper pronunciation along with American customs and culture. Min’s education through the Walworth County Literacy Council has not stopped at merely learning the English language. With the help of her tutor, Min has obtained her GED and has passed her massage therapy exam. Min is now employed in Walworth County as a Massage Therapist. Min said that she considers herself lucky to have access to her tutor and the Walworth County Literacy Council and recommends the use of a tutor which has made learning English faster, easier and more instructive than learning on her own. Although she admits that English is a difficult language to learn, Min now feels confident in her ability to speak to others: “I couldn’t speak English and I was too nervous to talk to anyone because they couldn’t understand what I wanted to say. Now I can talk to people and know that they understand me."

Most Urgent Need: Walworth County Literacy Council (WCLC) has been experiencing an unprecedented demand for adult education in our county. By the end of 2022, demand for service had increased by 50%. The most urgent need for WCLC at this time is to effectively address the increase in demand for adult education in Walworth County. A waiting list of students has become a constant state for WCLC. Expansion of services will require the following program enhancement:

Increase human resources to provide:
• New and current student assessment, recruit and train tutors, student/tutor matching, equip pairs with appropriate instructional materials (workbook and virtual learning), on-going supervision of 70+ volunteers
• Coordinate student scheduling
• Database management
• Maintain office files/recordkeeping

Walworth County Literacy Council is eager to continue meeting its mission in partnering with adult learners to achieve their literacy goals. The support of Lake Geneva Restaurant Week and Tito’s Handmade Vodka will allow WCLC to provide services to all residents in our county in need of adult education.

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