Remember the smell of fresh cut grass, beach towels hanging over lawn chairs, flip flops lined up at the door? These are the signs that summer is finally upon us! Summer means baseball games, exciting festivals, and of course your next family trip.

Trying to decide where to go and when to travel can either be fun or agonizing, depending on who you ask. You’d like to get the most out of your short, Midwest summer, but where do you start? We thought we’d make it easy. That’s why we’ve put together our top five summer trip tips for your next family vacation to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


1. Make Memories that Last


A story that resonates enough to be told years later is always accompanied by a smile. Find your family’s unforgettable stories along the shores of beautiful, scenic Lake Geneva. Share the experience of eight exhilarating zip lines, five suspended bridges, three spiral staircases, and a 1,200 ft. long racing zip line on a guided tour at Lake Geneva Zip Lines & Adventures. You’re sure to make some great memories along the way!


2. Don’t be Afraid to Try New Things

LG Balloon Co_CKoster_2022 cover image

Do something you have never done before. This will not only make you more courageous, but it will teach your kids to be brave too! Book a flight with the Lake Geneva Balloon Company and get a birds-eye view of the beautiful landscape of the Lake Geneva area. The view is breathtaking and the memories last a lifetime… we know you’ve always wanted to do it! 


3. Quality is Better than Quantity

an Amazing Lake Geneva Beach

Don’t try to pack too much in. Instead, carefully choose a few adventures that your family is sure to enjoy. Take extra care to allow for a little down time in between fun activities to keep your family relaxed, happy, and ready for whatever comes next.


4. Pay Attention to the Little Things…and Each Other


It’s always a good idea to set healthy expectations for your family trip, beforehand. Take time to discuss what time away as a family means, and why it’s so important. There’s nothing worse than having everyone together, only to be distracted by phones and other devices. Make sure your family’s time together is time well spent doing activities you can reconnect while doing. Take a hike in one of the many parks and nature areas around Lake Geneva. Here you can enjoy nature’s beauty as a family – and may even spot a deer or two.


5. Do What the Locals Do

Lake Shore Path

Modern technology makes finding things to do a breeze. Travel apps help you find amazing meals, great hotels and resorts, and the absolute best attractions to visit. But, no one knows Lake Geneva like the locals so be sure to ask folks who live here what their favorite thing to do is and spend your time at the right places.


Are you ready for your summer trip to Lake Geneva? Regardless of whether you come for a day or a whole week, you’ll have the chance to stay in our exceptional resorts and enjoy our walkable downtown shops and restaurants with plenty of family-friendly attractions nearby. Visit Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this summer and cross off a few things on your family’s vacation bucket list! For more inspiration check out our other travel planning blogs.