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As the leaves reach their vibrant peak in shades of red, orange, and gold, and a crisp breeze fills the air, autumn sets the perfect stage for cozy romantic moments. Lake Geneva, with its picturesque landscapes and warm inviting atmosphere, offers a myriad of delightful options for unforgettable and

Plan Your Outdoor Getaway

Thursday, September 01, 2022 by VISIT Lake Geneva

Active Getaways That Involve Land, Sea, and Sky

September is still a great time to hit the water, hike, bike, and explore! Outdoorists will find Lake Geneva to be the sweet spot for active pursuits of all sorts.

What to Do and See

With a trio of lakes, the opportunities for water skiing, wind

Solo travel is a chance to explore places more freely, on your terms. It’s a chance to unwind, recharge, and spoil yourself the way you deserve. When you choose Lake Geneva you’re choosing water, sun, and fresh air. You are choosing quaint downtowns with historic charm, country-side roads that lead

Let's face it, life has gotten busy. Calendars and schedules are now attached to our hips with our phones directing us to our next appointment, our task lists, our prescheduled lives. And it’s not uncommon for families to spread out across the country for a new job, new love, or exciting adventures

Whether you’re a new visitor to the Lake Geneva region or a loyal follower returning year after year, here is a convenient checklist of the things that make Lake Geneva, the place to visit.

1. The Historic Geneva Lake Shore Path

At 21 miles, it’s best to break up your walk into segments so you

Summer break is the perfect time to take the family to Lake Geneva! Enjoy long summer days playing in the water, exploring new places, and taking in great memories. Even better, pack in an educational trip that will win over the kids, and you will be the super parents of the century! Here's a list

While any vacation is a great vacation, there is something special to be said for getting together with your best friends. Planning your best girls’ getaway has never been so easy when you choose Lake Geneva! This spring enjoy several local events catered to unique experiences in fashion, cuisine,

Have the holidays found you newly engaged? Then you won't want to miss a beat in planning your perfect wedding in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin! Make sure to plan efficiently and cover all of your bridal bases when it comes to your special day by checking out our wedding planning pages. Below are some of